Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, I am by no means an expert on food or nutrition, I’m a keen cook, trying to find my place in the world and be a great father/husband along the way, I am married to my amazingly talented wife Rachael and we have a beautiful daughter named Charlize, and together we live in Central Otago, New Zealand.

      I have always had a keen passion for food, but until recently (last 12 months) I have started to look deeper into the food we eat and the food I expose my family to.  We live in such an amazing period of time, we can have any fruit or vegetable we want all year round, we can buy spices and produce from all parts of the world, every country has hundreds of cooking shows, and authors of thousands of cook books, if you are interested in food its never been a more exciting time.

      We all understand the dangers of overindulging, and how many times have you heard the saying ‘In moderation’? personally I think that saying is a load of bullshit, we are all addicted to sugar in some shape or form (the majority of us anyway) without us really knowing, we think we have control over what we eat, and in fairness we do, but how much will power do we have to exert every time we visit the supermarket? the dairy? or the cafes? we are dictated to and brainwashed on a daily basis about the choices of food we eat. I have come to a point in my life that I want to live a healthier and less stressful existence, and I want my family and friends to join me. With this blog I will be learning about Nutrition, researching recipes that nurture and nourish my family, I will not be offering advice or telling anybody how to live or what to eat, I will merely be sharing my Exploration of Food and nutrition.

      Hope you enjoy