After many attempts at trying all kinds of diets from Paleo, Ketosis, to Whole30 I found nothing seemed to make any difference to my overall health, I still struggled with energy and found mentally I was all over the place, having researched hundreds of different sources and websites, I was confused with almost too much information and all the many ways to eat for health. Thankfully i have found the right way to proceed with my health and wellbeing and all thanks to the talented team at Bepure.

      Having recently finished a 14 day detox program with Bepure, a New Zealand based Holistic nutrition company. I struggled to get going on the detox, like many a diet or detox, i feel takes a tremendous amount of not only willpower but mental stamina, you really have to step up and take ownership, focusing on what you can eat and not what you can’t, I’m fortunate that I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, so putting together salads and main dishes is something i take great pleasure from, and providing my family with nourishing food is not a chore its a joy.

      here are a few of the dishes I was eating for the 14 day detox, which actually turned into 21 days.

      A mixture of Red cabbage, green beans, broccoli, carrot and kimchi
      Chicken and raw vegetable salad


      Zucchini, carrot, kale, and tomato salad with a lemon juice, mustard and flaxseed oil dressing
      Zucchini and carrot chicken salad



      Regarding how i feel after the detox, if i am honest i felt pretty awful for the last 4 days, i had zero energy, was feeling pretty low and my mind set felt like it was in a million pieces, however, i have just finished my first day off the detox and have started introducing healthy carbohydrates, fats, and protein and tonight i feel so much better, i am very excited about the next phase of my progression into cleansing and repairing my gut biome which has been in disarray for quite a number of years, thanks to Bepure i can finally get the help i need to restore my health and vitality.

      I will do another post soon explaining what i’m doing regarding the next few months working with Bepure, and also posting a few recipes.