I was recently asked by the food editor of House and Garden magazine NZ to do some winter food recipes, having only just recently started to commit to the blog, I was very surprised and flattered they asked me, this has not only gave me a little insight into what it’s like to write, style and photograph recipes but to also work alongside my darling wife, who over the last 9 years I have worked with on her many book projects, so to finally get to work on something together was a real treat. During the weekend of cooking and recipe writing I have earned a huge respect for my fellow bloggers and publishers, don’t get me wrong, its great fun, but it was a challenge to make sure everything was just right, timing, props, recipe creation, plating and then styling the food, its not as easy as I thought, I’m not sure if this will be something I will be asked to do again, but it was a great experience none the less and a great way to see into the world of food blogging and recipe creation.

      The House and Garden feature is 6 recipes and the theme is Gatherings, so I created 6 winter dishes that I felt would be based on the same principles of my healthy and nutritious quest for optimum health at the same time tasty and easy to cook for the readers, I have added the pumpkin and saffron soup recipe to my recipe page and once the feature is available (July edition) I will post one a week.

      so give it a try and let me know what you think.