This is one of the recipes I created for House and Garden magazine, its winter here in New Zealand so salads are not on many a family table during the colder months, but I love salads and this has to be one of my favourites, many people think salads are just for those summer days, but using warm elements with crispy salad leaves and roast veggies gives you a beautiful combination, I try to have at least 2 salads a week, and use any leftover grains or vegetables from the fridge, experiment with this recipe and keep those salad days continuing throughout the year.

      I often receive feedback that my salads are full of flavour and texture, and my dear wife always tells everybody how great my salads are, to my embarrassment, but at the end of the day its not rocket science, a salad is your creation, there is no set way to make them, add whatever you have on hand and experiment, if I could give any advice, try to include the basic elements, like a good source of PROTEIN (Chicken, beef etc, FAT ( Avocado, quality olive oil, nuts and seeds) CARBOHYDRATE ( roast veggies, or grains) if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can omit the meat and add tofu, quinoa, most beans and grains, but try and get sturdy leaves, I find Kale, silverbeet, cabbage withstand and hold the dressing and oils better, soft lettuce leaves are also great, but dress the salad as you serve, and if you feel you have made too much put some aside for later or for lunches and only dress the salad you will eat, this way it doesn’t go soggy.

      Like I said it’s your creation, salads bring out the creative side in us, go for texture, add cheese, nuts, crispy kale leaves, roast veggies, cranberries, dates, fruit, so many options and so much produce to choose from, so go and experiment and bring out the creative in you.

      salad recipe is available here