Macronutient smoothie


      Mornings for me can be a bit rushed if I haven’t prepped my lunch for work the night before, so I fall back on the classic smoothie to make sure i get some good stuff to stop me feeling guilty for just grabbing a coffee and not eating breakfast. I have researched and tried a lot of smoothies and juices and feel if i’m going to drink a shake in the morning I have to pack it with an abundance of quality ingredients, which is why i thought i would look into what you need daily for vitamins and minerals etc, might as well get them in one hit!

      I must add that I am a big JRE experience (joe Rogan) podcast fan and listen to him on a weekly basis, every few month he has Dr Ronda Patrick on the podcast, which is always mind blowing, its a huge amount of information on nutrition to take in, but wow, its always fascinating stuff. So Ronda on one of the podcasts talks about her micronutrient smoothie, it has all your RDA requirements and more, I did find it a lot to drink and also I found I was chewing it more than drinking it, this can be sorted by adding water or more flax milk, but I found I was then drinking even more and it became a morning workout.

      So I decided to do the next best thing and try to adopt the smoothie to my taste and instead of stressing out about getting the whole thing down the hatch, I tweaked the recipe, this doesn’t give you the full macronutrient power punch, but its pretty bloody close to it, and its better than just having your normal green smoothie. The only thing I have changed from the original recipe is halving the banana and removing the avocado, ( I get enough omega 3 and good fats during the day to make up for it) and I don’t put as many greens in as Ronda, but not far off.

      They say it takes 2 weeks to develop a habit, for the last few weeks while I was detoxing, our lovely neighbours invited me to help myself to their Kale and spinach, so it became a ritual every morning as the sun rose, I would walk over to their veggie patch and help myself to the exact amount of leaves needed to make the smoothie, its now a great way to start the day, the fresh air, the peace and quiet, choosing the leaves, walking back home and then blasting the house at 6:30am with the sound of the blender, lol.

      In the picture I forgot to add the apple, (I actually ate it just before I took this shot, totally forgot I was including it)

      Hope this helps and you give it a try.