I wanted to get this quick recipe on my blog before the good weather left us, but unfortunately i’ve been pretty busy with family and work commitments so i have just managed to sit down and get posting, even though we are in the cooler days of the year, i thought this post would be of use to you.

      Salads are one of my favourite meals, i never used to be big on them, but over the last few years i have started to eat a lot more raw salads, warm salads with roasted veggies and warm meats tossed through them, they are a great source of getting essential nutrients into your diet, as well as increasing your intake of fibre, also using healthy oils such as olive oil, avocado, flax oil; as well as nuts and seeds will boost your healthy fat, along with the use of acids, i.e lemon juice, apple cider vinegar these help break down the leafy grains making them easier to digest.

      In a society where we find ourselves reaching for quick and easy food to grab on the run, or we just don’t have the time or knowledge of foods to prepare nutritious meals, i thought i would give you a great salad recipe you can prepare in under 5 minutes.

      the recipe is a basic salad which will give you a great start and hopefully become a go to salad you can use and adapt to suit your tastes.

      The salad consists of salad leaves, herbs, raw veggies and a basic lemon and olive oil dressing, to save time, make a quick list of the ingredients you want to include so when you go to the garden or the market you know whats going to be included in your salad, or just wing it and be experimental.

      please click the link here for the salad recipe. http://www.theexplorationoffood.com/2017/04/03/5-minute-salad


      Good luck and hope you enjoy your 5 minute salad.