I’ve always had a love affair with food, I guess we all have, the choices and variety of food we eat is growing daily, and the food industry is going in many different directions, some good, some bad, but overall its an amazing time to be a foodie.

      I was born mid 70’s so was around when the world changed its view on FAT and the whole LOW FAT – MORE SUGAR hit the supermarkets, until recently I never really gave this much attention, of course I knew sugar and fat (or is it) was bad for you, but after years of food abuse and lack of nutritional education I have finally started to pay attention, you just need to look on the shelves of your local book store or at the products in the supermarkets to see how much our diets are changing and the way the Paleo, Whole foods and sugar free lifestyles are becoming a phenomenon.

      I have watched it grow and have tried every diet going, my cookbook collection has grown from Jamie Oliver’s – The Naked Chef and Nigel Slater collections to Green Kitchen Stories, Sarah Britton, Anna Jones and many more, my opinion of food is changing fast.

      Since becoming a father I’ve realised if I’m going to change the way I eat, and the lifestyle I choose, I need to relay this to my daughter, regardless of her age, giving her a basic understanding of nutrition will carry her into her adult life with an ability to make better choices in the food she eats. All children need to grow up with the opportunity to eat healthy nutritious food and its our responsibility to make sure that happens.

      So I guess this is where my journey starts, writing about my discovery of nutrition and food, my ups and downs and blogging as I go. Keeping a record of the journey will hopefully be a source of inspiration and insight to those who follow.

      My recipes and nutritional information are based on my own findings and may not always be the same as yours, I have my own opinions and I respect you will have your’s, enjoy and please feel free to engage and share your thoughts.

      Join me on my Exploration of Food..